Los Feliz VRBO Tour

Just finished producing a Virtual Tour for this beautiful home in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Take a spin..

Bounce Festival 2013 Recap Video

This summer I had the pleasure of producing a video for a festival that has been around for a few years but was brand new to me. I had an amazing time with an incredible group of people. Stunning location, great music, tons of hard workers and an unforgettable family like vibe from everyone.  Check out the official recap video and don’t miss this one next year!!

Maui 2013

Recently I had the incredible opportunity to spend a week on the island of Maui. This place is amazing. I don’t consider myself a nature or landscape photographer, but out there it’s hard to miss. The majority of these images are from a sunrise drive to the top of Haleakala Creator, or an all day trip around the southern coast of the island on the Road to Hana (the back way). Enjoy, I sure did. Maui2013_01

Haleakala Sunrise

Central Maui

Sunrise above the clouds

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Impromptu Mountain Adventure

A few weeks back my adventure tank was running a bit low so I decided it was time to load up the car with a few necessities and head out for a little something unexpected. It was a cold and rainy winter day here in San Diego, a pretty rare occurrence and not typically the best opportunity to go camping but I threw in the tent and sleeping bags anyway. Typically when traveling for work, or even for fun, I have things planned out well in advance and I am overly prepared with gear. This time I had no idea where we were headed and only packed the necessities, which is exactly what I was after.

We jumped on the freeway and before we knew it we were headed east on the 8. After a couple dozen miles of pavement we got board of our clear cut path and decided to cut off the main road and head north on a small and windy dirt road, having no idea where it would take us.  The rain was at a light drizzle and the low lying clouds rolling through the mountains gave everything an incredibly eery and majestic look. A few miles into the mountains on our new path we came across our first stop, an overgrown driveway leading to a locked fence protecting some extremely run down and graffiti covered structures. Perfect.

We grabbed some cameras and hopped the fence. Things were so run down it was hard to tell what stood there originally. The extreme state of decay covered with brillant graffiti saturated by the rain created an amazing contrast, and a great location for a photo shoot.

Water Tanks

By the time we worked our way down to the lower levels of this abandoned compound it was absolutely pouring rain. Cameras and people were soaked and we had just enough time to fire off a few last test shots, confirming that I would be back for a full shoot in the near future.

We jumped in the car and continued onward and upward, into the mystic mountains of East County (somehow when you add “East County” to that sentence it dramatically reduces the coolness factor, but I assure you this place was super cool).

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