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Last month I had the pleasure of shooting the new STK resturant/bar/club in the also very new and ultra hip Cosmopolitan Resort + Casino in Las Vegas. So new in fact, we were there the day before the grand opening. The hotel is absolutely amazing, even by Vegas standards. Incredible attention to detail in all of its design, luxurious and hip at the same time. STK was no different.  It is billed as a “female friendly steakhouse” and with its beautiful design and downright sexy vibe, its not hard to see why. With locations in the Meat Packing District of NYC and West Hollywood, CA the new STK feels right at home in the trendy Cosmopolitan.

We spent the entire day shooting, about 11 hours total.  Shooting tethered (direct to computer), I was able to build some on-site composite images to show the client the potential of creating ultra wide angle shots by stitching multiple images together.  The client was really happy with the test shots/composites I put together so we decided that the majority of the day would be spent shooting this way.  While I had done quite a bit of this type of work on personal projects, this was the first time shooting composite images for a commercial client. With my extensive background in stitching full 360 panoramas I was confident that I could put together some really amazing images in post production.  Shooting tethered allowed me to put together quick comps of the stitched images as we went, making sure the final images would have the angle and look we were going for.  Visualizing final images in my head comes relatively easy after shooting and stitching panoramas for years, but being able to share the ideas and get immediate approval from the client was incredibly valuable.

Shooting tethered also allowed me to immediately review images and make necessary lighting adjustments. Keeping the dark ambiance of a restaurant while illuminating necessary elements is not a simple task.  I did so using anywhere from 4-6 Nikon speed lights at each location, all remotely triggered using either pocket wizards or optical slaves, and shot through a wide variety of light modifiers. This allowed me to put little bits of light where needed, and keep the ambient light low.

All in all I was really happy with this shoot. I tried some new things, got to work with a great new client in a beautiful new property, and ended up with some really hot images. Big ups to my Art Director, Assistant, and big brother Brett Jorgensen for all the help and also to my good friend Brett “Pedro” Rubin, Director of Marketing for STK Las Vegas, for putting the whole thing together…

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2 thoughts on “STK Las Vegas

  1. Nanaw Robson

    Wow Drew,
    Just found these Las Vegas photos! Beautiful! You are the best photographer!! Hear that you had a wonderful assistant too!
    Love ya,

  2. iPrint

    I recently visited STK in Vegas and must admit, the place not only Looks incredible, but the food is fantastic. Amazing images!

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